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JANUARY 20, 2024 Designating Convention

On January 20th the Wayne County Republican Committee convened to select their Designated Candidates for the November ballot.

Supervisor Scott Johnson placed Senator Pam Helming into nomination for re-election and the Committee cast one ballot for her as she was unopposed for reelection.

Lyons Town Chairman Crystal Manktelow placed Assemblyman Brian Manktelow into nomination for reelection and the Committee cast one ballot for him as he was unopposed for reelection.

Wolcott Town Supervisor Lynn Chatfield placed Acting District Attorney Christine Callanan into nomination for election to her first term as District Attorney.  The Committee cast one ballot for her with complete confidence in her ability to lead the District Attorneys Office as the unopposed candidate .

First Vice Chairman of the County Committee nominated retired Brighton Police Officer Chris Wagner for Coroner succeeding retiring Coroner Keith Benjamin.  He won the nomination on the first ballot vote in a contested race.

Member of Congress Claudia Tenney was in attendance and gave an update on the House of Representatives and her voting history.

A motion came off of the floor that the County Committee endorse the Incumbents that are standing for reelection in 2024, the Chairman acknowledged numerous seconds, after calling for discussion, the motion was overwhelmingly voted for acceptance and the Wayne County Republican Committee proudly endorses for reelection its Incumbent Candidates of:

Pam Helming, State Senate

Brian Manktelow: State Assembly

Claudia Tenney; Member of Congress (contingent upon the District Lines being adopted and her remaining the Member representing Wayne)

Christine Callanan: Wayne County District Attorney

Mr. Wagner is the Designated Candidate of the GOP but is not included in tbis motion as he is not a current incumbent.

Wayne County Republicans Endorse Rep. Tenney for Re-Election